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Resident Engagement: What It Is and Why You Need to Know

Posted by Darcey A. Forbes on February 6, 2019 at 11:11 AM

What is Resident Engagement?

It’s the new currency in Multifamily and one that is affixed to many customer service solutions but what does it really mean?

Is it a solution of a portal to pay rent or remit work orders or a warehouse of convenient links to services or perks? Is it holding regular events to bring the community together and meet the neighbors? Is it your Facebook Page and Instagram posts?  

At Modern Message, we believe Resident Engagement is about connecting onsite teams and residents in meaningful ways through multiple touch points.  Whether it is to drive certain behaviors, perform specific actions, creating delightful memories or gain insightful feedback. This provides a unique opportunity for on-site teams to build relationships throughout the Resident Journey. We do this through Community Rewards, which, at its core, is a loyalty rewards program that leverages a points-based strategy throughout the resident lifecycle.

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Close your "Loyalty Loop" with Community Rewards

Posted by Dayna Gardner on January 25, 2019 at 12:45 AM

When we found out that Andrew Davis was speaking on “The Loyalty Loop” at this year’s Multifamily Social Media Summit, we were ecstatic! Finally, the resident experience is starting to rise to the top of the multifamily marketing priority list.

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Modern Message Announces New Integration with J Turner Research

Posted by Darcey A. Forbes on January 7, 2019 at 12:16 PM

Modern Message customers will now be able to access ORA™ score data inside an entirely new Community Rewards Dashboard Experience

Modern Message is proud to announce its latest integration with J Turner Research as a way to enhance the customer's dashboard experience by displaying month-over-month trends in ORA™ (Online Reputation Assessment) data. This integration will allow our customers to have the most accurate and all-inclusive way to monitor the impact that resident engagement has on their online reputation.

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